Saturday, 11 July, 2020

My Nerd Site completed in 2 days

As author and developer of My Nerd Site, I manage to complete this site in 2 days. If I have no distraction, I might be able to complete it in one day. But that is with...

Nerd Favorite Food

Are you looking for idea of what to eat? Here is some collection of what nerdy around me and I like to eat. It's not pretty food but definitely edible and I am sure lots of you can relate.

Animal Restaurant Letters and Hedwig Guide

This is the list of letters that I have and how I got them. So far I have found 19 letters and I believe some of you have the letters that I don't have.

Unlocking All Customers in Animal Restaurant (90/105)

How to unlock all customers in Animal Restaurant? I currently have 90/105 customers unlocked. So I am writing this to help out anyone who is looking for the guide to unlock them.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera is an easy and convenient to install. You can install it within 10 minutes and download the apps on your phone to monitor the live feed.

Is Iflix going down?

Can Iflix make it? With the loss of senior leadership and layoffs, Iflix, a once promising Netflix successor in Southeast Asia, seems like is going under water. It's now up to co-founder Patrick Grove...

Animal Restaurant Facilities

It's hard to find where the facilities are sometimes, so I write a post here of where the facilities is located at. It also make it easier for gamer like us to unlock characters in the game.